NAB 2018 Rewind - Penelope Nederlander: Tales from the Tour Bus: Modeling, Animating, and Cineware

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Two-time, Emmy-nominated art director and digital artist Penelope Nederlander walks you through her modeling, animation and compositing process for the main titles of Mike Judge’s new Showtime show, “Tales from the Tour Bus."

Penelope provides an overview starting with the boards that were provided by the client for opening title project, "Tales from the Tour Bus" and her approach to the project based on those boards. Penelope breaks down and walks through the three major steps in creating the title sequence. Starting with a simple primitive, Penelope walks you through how she quickly and easily modeled the main element of the opening titles, the tour bus. Next, she models and animates the lanyard and badge for the show titles. And finally, Penelope illustrates how to add your Cinema 4D files as footage and tweak the timing of the final output from vAfter Effects.

01:28Demo Reel
04:38Boards for the Project
05:12Opening Titles for Tales from the Tour Bus
06:15Outline of Presentation Items
07:50Modeling the Tour Bus for the Opening Titles
22:30Creating and Animating the Lanyard and Badge Element
39:26Compositing and Timing in After Effects