NAB 2018 Rewind - Julia Siemon: Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football: C4D FTW!

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Julia Siemón has over 15 years of experience working in Motion Graphics as a designer, animator and director. She teaches 3D design and animation to senior design students at the School of Visual Arts. Julia has worked on award-winning rebrands for Spike, TV Land, and The Weather Channel as well as commercial work for Kind Bar, Mucinex, Yoplait and many more.

During this presentation Julia breaks down a few sections from three spots for Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football. Julia covers a little of everything, from hand tracking of green screen footage, to character rigging and weight painting, to creating an animated backplate for a futuristic city.

00:55Demo Reel
03:52Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Spots
06:15Creating the Weight Lifting Section
06:32Hand Tracking Green Sceen Footage
09:11Using Mixamo Rigged Characters and Mocap
09:33Mixamo Tutorial on
10:49Setting up Templates for Positioning Characters
13:14Quick Simple Character Rigging
18:29Attaching the Players to the Bar Bell
22:43Painting Weights
24:53Creating a Futuristic City Backplate
27:53Using Object Buffers and Layers for Compositing in After Effects
36:45Creating the Flying Cars Highway in the Futuristic City
38:36Creating Animated Brains