NAB 2018 Rewind - Andy Needham: Cinema 4D: The Best Tool A Motion Designer Could Ask For

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In this live presentation from NAB 2018 artist and tutorial author Andy Needham shares how he created a series of fun GIFs featuring a beverage and sports players who both will remain nameless. Needham covers the whole process from important footage, to tracking real-world movement, to adding in 3D objects and particle effects. He rounds out his presentation with an introduction to Python. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro - there’s something for everyone in this talk!

02:16SHOT: 3D Rotoscope Effect with Crown
03:04Mapping Footage onto a Plane
03:23Using Content Browser Presets for Head Geometry
04:56Modeling a Crown
14:14Exactly Position Textures with XPresso
16:03SHOT: Selfie
16:52Animating a Polaroid with Hand-Drawn Splines
18:12Bending the Polaroid
19:52Lighting with GSG's HDRI Studio
20:44SHOT: Salute
21:51Precision Camera Animation
25:17Working with MoSpline
26:00SHOT: Magician
26:33Object Tracking
28:09Adding Particles
30:21SHOT: 1... 2... 3.
30:49Creating Bubble Text
35:12Morphing Spline Shapes
41:01Adding Motion Trails
43:16Rendering out Passes with Takes
45:57Python Development
48:28Accesing Objects Relative to the Tag
50:22Accessing UserData
50:38RangeMapper Function
55:33Thank you!