NAB 2018 Rewind - Barton Damer: Simple Tools for Complex 3D Artwork and Animations in Cinema 4D

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Barton Damer is a motion designer and digital artist who founded the design and motion graphics studio, - a boutique studio that has created a variety of design, motion graphics and 3D animated content for some of the most iconic brands in the world including Nike, Vans, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel Comics.

Barton breaks down the main element of a recently created :30 fully animated CG commercial spot for Xtep Footwear. Barton models a sidewalk uisng a single primitive and the MoGraph cloner. He then uses a deformer and effectors to create an animated wave effect, that occurs when the shoes hit the ground and rise up.

Next he uses RedShift to add materials and HDR lighting to finish out this amazing project.

01:25Demo Reel
06:01Key Visual and Style Boards for Xtep Footwear Commercial Spot
07:29Final Xtep Footwear Commercial Spot
08:24A Behind the Scenes Edit
12:38Using a Primitive to Create the First Piece of the Sidewalk
16:56Using MoGraph Cloner to Create the Sidewalk
19:02Creating the Concrete Wave in the Sidewalk
30:52Adding Materials and Lighting to the Sidewalk