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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Cineversity? Chances are it’s already answered here. You can skip to the general category of your question by clicking on the appropiate subject under “Page Contents” to the left. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact us.

About Cineversity

Is Cineversity the official training resource for CINEMA 4D and/or BodyPaint 3D?
No. Cineversity is managed by Maxon Computer, Inc. a subsidiary of Maxon Computer GmbH, the makers of CINEMA 4D. It is not however the official training resource. There are a number of great training providers for CINEMA 4D in various languages.
Why does Maxon put content on Cineversity instead of providing it with the product?
Maxon’s product management team in Germany makesa all decisions regarding what content is included in CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D. Although Maxon Computer Inc and several Cineversity instructors have provided training material in the past that was included with CINEMA 4D, the product management team has opted for a different tutorial production process that allows for faster translation and can be included in the online help. Cineversity tutorial production does not take away from resources product development for CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D releases.
Why do I have to pay for tutorials from the manufacturer?
Maxon Computer, Inc. is a subsidiary of Maxon Computer GmbH dedicated to the sales and support of CINEMA 4D in North and South America, it is not the direct manufacturer of the product and does not make decisions regarding what is included with CINEMA 4D or BodyPaint 3D. Cineversity membership fees are used to cover the costs of creating and delivering tutorials. In addition to staff instructors, we contract with top artists to provide a number of tutorials available on the site. As you can imagine, the videos on Cineversity also use quite a bit of bandwidth. We endeavor to make roughly 25% of Cineversity’s catalog available at no charge, requiring only a simple login to view the content. The quantity and frequency of these free tutorials is indicative of what we’d be able to make available if we didn’t charge any membership fees.

MSA (Maxon Service Agreement)

Do MSA (Maxon Service Agreement) customers get a free Cineversity subscription?
In The Americas yes. It is also included in many other regions around the world. Please contact your local distributor for more information.
How do I get access to my free MSA Cineversity subscription?
When you renew your MSA with Maxon you will receive a coupon to create a new subscription or extend your current subscription. An MSA coupon does not entitle you to a refund of your current Cineversity subscription.
For those without MSA, how much does Cineversity cost?
Cineversity has hundreds of tutorials available at no cost. Simply create a profile and you’ll have access to an extensive library of free tutorials. Access to the complete catalog of Cineversity tutorials is available as an annual subscription service. Subscribers are charged the initial membership fee of $295 for full membership and $95 per year thereafter to maintain the subscription. If you choose not to renew your subscription, your subscription will expire and your membership reverted to a non-member account. If at some later date you choose to upgrade to a full membership on Cineversity again, you will again be charged the $295 initiation fee.
What happened to 1-on-1 training as an MSA benefit?
The switch from online training to a Cineversity subscription occurred at the end of June 2013. We felt that giving you access to hundreds of hours of advanced training at the moment you need it would be more helpful than a couple hours of training that needed to be scheduled in advance. When renewing your MSA you receive a Cineversity coupon. This coupon enables you to start a Cineversity subscription or extend your current subscription for one year from its current expiration date.


Why is there an initiation fee?
The initiation fee is in place for many reasons. The main reason is the many resources that are available on the site (scripts, utilities, plugins). Many of these could be sold separately for $50-$100. In total, they are worth far more than the $295 initial cost to sign up for Cineversity. Ultimately, our main goal is to keep the annual cost to only $95 and still be able to bring you great tutorials and resources. In order to do that, we have to charge the initiation fee. If you forget to renew, your premium membership reverts to a free membership and there is no way for the system to know you were once a premium member. However, if you contact us within 30 days of your renewal, we will typically be able to waive the additional initiation fee.
My credit card was declined. What do I do?
There is no need for alarm. This often happens to customers outside of North America. Contact us directly to arrange an alternate method of payment.
Can I purchase a Cineversity subscription if I don’t have a credit card or need to pay via company PO?
Yes. If you need to purchase Cineversity via a purchase order or arrange other payment, contact your local MAXON distributor, or MAXON US sales at 877-226-4628.
Can I purchase a single tutorial?
Cineversity currently doesn’t offer a-la-carte pricing. Although it’s something we continue to explore, we feel the most affordable way of providing the tutorials is the subscription based plan currently offered. A subscription gives you the freedom to explore our entire catalog. With more tutorials added each week, your membership fee amounts to cents per tutorial.
How do I get an invoice or receipt?
To view your subscription history, and download or print invoices, just go to your User Dashboard choose “Manage Subscription=>Subscription History” at the bottom left of that page. There you’ll find your account history including payments and invoice history. You can print invoices from there.


How do I redeem a coupon?
If you are new to Cineversity (do not have an account already):
  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Sign-up
  3. Choose “I have a coupon”

If you already have an account on Cineversity:

  1. Log on to Cineversity
  2. Go to the User Home
  3. Click on “Manage Subscription”
  4. Click on Redeem a Coupon”

I have a coupon, so why is it asking me for a credit card?

If you have a coupon covering the full initial cost of membership, you are not required to provide a credit card number. Providing a credit card number offers the convenience of renewing your Cineversity account automatically.

I received a Trial account coupon. What does that entitle me to?

A 90-day trial access coupon gives you access to everything except the Resources (plugins, scripts and presets) that come with a full subscription. The resources tutorial series have an introductory video that shows the functionality of the resources. Introduction tutorials are always open to anyone. The actual resource is downloadable from a subsequent premium member tutorial.

Subscription / Renewal

Will my account renew automatically?
When signing up, the terms and conditions are clear that Cineversity is a subscription service with recurring billing. For your convenience, your Cineversity membership will be automatically renewed each year. Your credit card on file will be billed $95 on your renewal date. You will receive an email notification of the renewal 30 days in advance.
If your credit card has expired or is otherwise invalid, you’ll receive reminder emails to update your payment info. If you’d like to prevent automatic renewal, cancel your account as specified below. You can always choose to renew manually at any time prior to your renewal date. Keep in mind that any accounts that are not renewed prior to the renewal date will be reverted to non-membership status and you’ll have to pay the initiation fee to resume your membership.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time from the “Manage My Subscription” link accessible from your User Dashboard on the lower left of the page. If you choose to cancel, your account will remain active until your next renewal date. Your account will not be renewed automatically. If you don’t renew before the account expires, you’ll be required to pay the initiation fee in order to resume your membership.
What do I do if I was charged a renewal fee and I did not want to renew?
If you did not want to renew and forgot to cancel your subscription you can receive a full refund within the first 30 days of renewal. After 30 days and up to 120 days, you can receive a partial refund. After 120 days, there is no refund.
What if I want to renew after my expiration date?
If you renewal fails and your premium subscription expires, you can contact Cineversity or Maxon within 30 days to renew your subscription for the $95 renewal fee. After 30 days you would have to pay the initial membership fee again.


Can I download tutorials?
No. As part of our subscription-based membership and to control piracy, you are not allowed to download any tutorial videos on the Cineversity site. Many tutorials have associated project files, which you are free to download and keep even if your membership has lapsed.
Video Streaming Issues
On your User Profile you can choose between three different types of video streams. Some stream types work better than others depending on your hardware and network environment. Please try out the different options to see if this solves your particular issue.
If problems persist, we have found that some anonymous proxies or firewalls can limit access to tutorials. To check whether your firewall or proxy is blocking RTMP streams, visit - at least one of those tests must succeed in order to watch the videos on Cineversity. Please copy and paste the results of the test in an email to us, as it might help us find the best solution to the issue.
Why does my email keep appearing over the videos?
The email embed was added for protection against piracy. Previous videos on Cineversity were screen captured and shared on warez sites. The email overlay is designed to cut back on pirates abusing what you as a subscriber have invested in.


Can I request a specific tutorial?
You can post your tutorial suggestions as a poll within the Tutorial Suggestions forum on our site. Keep in mind that our instructors are most likely to focus on tutorials that will have general appeal and fall within their areas of expertise.


Does Cineversity provide one-on-one training?
Cineversity does offer one-on-one training, via direct connect which allows you to interact directly with one of our knowledgeable instructors via the internet. While you converse via VOIP or telephone, you’ll be able to follow along by viewing the instructor’s screen remotely. You’ll also have the opportunity to share your screen so the instructor can evaluate your progress and help you along. You can choose from one of our curriculum options or get training in the context of a current project. The base price for this service is $60/hr, regardless of your Cineversity membership status. You can learn more about Cineversity 1on1 by watching this video.
Email ( or call MAXON US now (+1-877-ANIMATE) to schedule your Cineversity 1on1 session.
Does Cineversity provide on-site training?
On-site training is available through your local distributor or a Maxon authorized training partner.

Login Information

I can’t remember my password or user name.
Your user name is the email you used to sign up for your Cineversity account. To reset your password, just use this link: It will send a password change instructions to the email you used for your Cineversity account.


I have a question or concern that isn’t addressed by this FAQ, how do I contact support?
If you have questions about your account or are experiencing technical difficulties with the website, you can use our online contact form to reach the appropriate parties.
I have a question about a tutorial, how do I get help?
If you are experiencing an issue with the content of a specific tutorial, click on the blue “Help with this Tutorial” button on the tutorial playback page. This allow you to post a new thread to our tutorial support forum where you can ask your question and get timely feedback from a Cineversity support representative or a member of the Cineversity community. If someone else has already asked a question about the tutorial, you’ll see their question and any responses while still having the opportunity to ask your own.
I’m working on a project and need answers fast!
While project assistance is beyond the official scope of Cineversity support, there’s a good chance you’ll get a helpful response if you post your question to the Cineversity Q&A forum. If you need a guarantee of project assistance, email ( or call MAXON US now (+1-877-ANIMATE) to schedule a Cineversity 1on1 session tailored to your needs.