NAB 2018 Rewind - Nate Rodriguez-Vera: A Lazy Artist’s Guide to Using Cinema 4D Commercially

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Nate Rodriguez-Vera shares his journey from music to design, and from 2D into 3D, in this NAB 2018 Rewind. You’ll see how easy it is to get started in 3D design and learn some of the tricks Nate has picked up as in projects for Camper Shoes and Trident Gum. You’ll see how to arrange simple shapes and use Booleans to create a geometric design used as the hero image for Camper’s lookbook. For the Trident spot, Nate used C4D’s Cloner object and Dynamics, and added a fluid simulation via the X-Particles plugin. Finally, Nate reveals the power of exploiting perspective, and you’ll see how simple models arranged in just the right way helped him create imagery highlighting various shoes in the Camper campaign.

04:46Nate's Journey
17:24Client Projects
21:39Keep it Procedural - Booleans
26:11Pick the Right Tools
27:36Cloner and Dynamics in Trident Spot
29:38Simple Fluid Simulation with X-Particles
31:49Let Someone Else do the Grunt Work
33:40Trident Gum Package Rig
36:30Exploiting Perspective (Camper)