NAB 2018 Rewind - Nick Campbell: Make Beautiful Renders in Seconds with Cinema 4D

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Nick Campbell of shows a technique that will take something that used to take 3 hours, and turn it into something that takes 3 minutes. He’ll also be sharing a link that will give you access to a free tool that can take that 3 minutes and turn it into 30 seconds.

Campbell begins his presentation by sharing the story of how he went from a digital photography enthusiast to industry-respected 3D artist. Afterward, he dives into Cinema 4D’s OpenGL Viewport, significantly improved in Cinema 4D R19. He shares how his GSG colleague Chad Ashley accidentally introduced him to the new viewport. He then goes into a bunch of gorgeous scenes, each highlighting one setting and how to adjust it. He finishes out his presentation by reviewing the whole process of rendering out a great-looking preview render by building up a scene from scratch.

01:56Free Stuff Link
02:44Nick's Background
05:27Demo Time!
10:15Using Hardware OpenGL
14:01Adjusting the Display Settings
18:57Example Scenes
20:53Eliminating Viewport Crud
22:53Jeep Scene
24:12Adjusting Anti-Aliasing and Super-Sampling for Cleaner Images
27:42Working with Dynamics
29:06Adjusting the Picture Viewer RAM Preference
32:21Starting a Project from Scratch
35:17Adding Reflections with TopCoat
36:25Auditioning Looks with HDRI Studio Rig
37:23Adding Variation with the Random Effector
38:01Adding DOF
40:37Adjusting Render Settings
41:56Adjusting Render Settings