NAB 2018 Rewind - Caitlin Cadieux: Cinema 4D in Editorial Animation

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  • Duration: 46:20
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In this C4D Live presentation from NAB 2018, motion designer Caitlin Cadieux shows how she produces 2D-style animations for The Atlantic in Cinema 4D. Cadieux presents some simple techniques that allow her to create and animate 3D elements for long animations with short deadlines. Over the course of her presentation, Cadieux breaks down shots she created to illustrate an interview with author and humorist David Sedaris. She begins by modeling and texturing a pencil. After this, she creates (and rigs!) a setting of floating eyes that serve as an abstract stand-in for Sedaris. She follows this with her efficient and effective strategy for animating books whose pages are flipping. After Effects artists interested in making the jump to 3D would do well to watch this inspiring presentation!

01:00Motion Design Slack
02:50Demo Reel
03:44David Sedaris Animation & Presentation Overview
05:31Modeling a Pencil
12:46Making Eyes
14:57Using Booleans to make Eyelids
16:12Rigging the Eyes for Animation with PoseMorph
18:28Dynamic Pupils with the Spline Shader
24:12Creating Glasses with Illustrator and ArtSmart
28:02Modeling Books
31:23Accurate Pivot Placement with Axis Center
32:43Modeling Pages with Splines and Sweep Generators
34:15Animating a Page Flip
34:55Creating Contrast with Material Selections
42:55Creating a Circle of Books