NAB 2018 Rewind - Dan Pierse: C4D in a Broadcast Environment: Sci-Fi and Thriller Promo Production

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In this NAB 2018 Rewind, Dan Pierse demonstrates several techniques he uses while creating promos as Motion Graphics Design Director for Fox Broadcasting. Especially for NAB 2018, Dan created four stylized promos for the fictional channel Flux. In this presentation you’ll see several techniques he used in creation of the Sci-Fi and Thriller promos.

In the Sci-Fi promo, Dan quickly models interesting wall and floor designs using Cinema 4D’s Knife tools. With improvements added in Cinema 4D R18, it’s easy to cut various loops and also cut spline shapes into geometry. Dan quickly models an articulated arm and shows how to animate it via Inverse Kinematics (IK). He also creates hanging wires using Cinema 4D’s Spline Dynamics.

For the Thriller promo, Dan creates a procedural landscape by layering noises and gradients within a Displace Deformer. Dan uses MoGraph’s Cloner object to populate the landscape with trees, and applies MoGraph Selections and the Hide Selected command to art-direct the location of the trees. He also uses the Spline Defomer to add a roadway, and animates a car along the road via the Align to Spline tag.

Finally, Dan discusses how Cinema 4D’s Take System and After Effects integration are invaluable when creating multiple versions of similar promos.

Make sure to check out Dan’s first presentation from NAB 2018, where he demonstrates techniques used in creating Action and Comedy promos.

07:05Sci-Fi Scene
08:19Wall Detailing
16:08Articulated Arm - IK Rig
22:09Hanging Wires / Hoses (Spline Dynamics)
30:35Thriller Scene
31:18Procedural Landscape (Displace Deformer / MoGraph Selections)
36:13Roadway (Spline Deformer)
41:25Versioning (Take System and AE Integration)