NAB 2018 Rewind - Robyn Haddow: Make it MoGraphable: Creative Concepts for Production

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  • Duration: 52:24
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Robyn Haddow demonstrates how she creates Fantasy User Interface (FUI) elements using Cinema 4D’s MoGraph toolset. You’ll see how the Inheritance Effector and the X-Particles plugin combine to create a brain morph visualization. Next, using a project from Spider-Man: Homecoming, Robyn shows some techniques for creating a variety of nulls on the surface of an object, which she exports to Adobe After Effects and uses as 3D locators for 2D text elements or effects. Robyn builds out a “MoGraph Tech Sphere”, and shows the power of MoGraph Selection tags to art-direct changes to clone color and scale made by effectors. You’ll also see how the PolyFX deformer can add greeble effects on an object. Finally, Robyn shows how to create an orbiting telemetry visualization using the Cloner object’s Rate option.

04:36Brain Morph Project Overview
05:15Inheritance Effector
10:08Adding Variation with Random Effector Weighting
14:57Organic Brain Representation with X-Particles Follow Position and Curl Turbulence
20:29Rendering XP Trails object with C4D's Hair Material
23:25Exporting clone positions to After Effects
35:14MoGraph Tech Sphere
38:45MoGraph Selection Tag
43:46PolyFX Greeble
49:35Telemetry Orbit with Cloner Rate Animation