Limit the Polygon Pen to Tweak Specific Components

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Set the Polygon Pen Tweaking Mode for specific component types

In Cinema 4D Release 17, the Polygon Pen has a minor enhancement that allows you to limit the tweak behavior to just points, edges or polygons. By default the Polygon Pen tweaks all components, but this can make it difficult to grab the desired elements in a dense mesh. With this new mode, you can easily grab just the point, edges or polygons.



The Polygon Pen was introduced in Cinema 4D Release 16 and it revolutionized the way people model in Cinema 4D because it provides an easy way to grab and tweak any element of your model and also provides options to do things like edge extrude and cut knife points and things of that nature. Well, Release 17 got just one little minor enhancement to the Polygon Pen, but it's something that users were asking us for and that's the ability to limit this tweaking so that you're not always jumping between the point edge and polymodes. Especially with dense geometries, it can get hard to select just the point, for instance, that you're going for when it's going to try to grab the edges instead. So now here in the Polygon Pen attributes you can choose to limit the tweaking mode to just the points. And now as I roll over, you'll see that only the points are being picked. And so, I can easily grab and tweak the points without modifying any of the edges or without picking any of the edges. And by the same token, I can go ahead and grab the edges and I can select and move just the edge elements without grabbing the points. And again, same thing with the polygons. Now I'm just moving polygons and not moving any of the points or edges. So it's a minor little change, but it's something users asked for and it allows you to continue using the Polygon Pen with all of it's power even when you've got extremely dense geometry and you need to get at specific elements.
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