Set the Default Layout and Behavior Preferences for the Color Chooser

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Set Preferences for default layout and sizing of the R17 Color Chooser.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to set the default layout, size and behavior of the R17 Color Chooser, using the options in the Units tab of the C4D Preferences.



- In a previous tutorial, we looked at various options for adjusting the layout and size of the color chooser in Cinema 4D release 17. Well, that begs the question of how do I get it to stick that way? And you do that in the preferences. If you jump right into the Cinema 4D preferences, edit preferences or control E or command E on a Mac, and switch into the units tab. You'll see that you have an option here for the color chooser options. There's the option to choose the RGB range. You can go 0 to 255 or 0 to 100% or if anybody actually uses 0 to 65K, you can do that there as well. Then, the next part here is this default set option, and this is the default set of tabs that are going to be enabled each time you open a color chooser, and there's some additional options as well underneath each of these fold outs. The first thing is this special mode, and whether you want the color wheels, spectrum, or color-from-picture option enabled by default. And I tend to leave this disabled. And here you can choose what size you would like the wheel to be and the spectrum, and I'm choosing small for both of those, and then size of the swatches which for those, I actually make those large. Next, we jump in to the RGB mode, and you can see that, by default, only the HSB mode is enabled. If you want the RGB mode instead of the HSB, you can simply swap those check boxes or you can have both by default if you check both. But, within the RGB mode you can also choose the, "Show hexadecimal field" option which will show the hex field within the RGB layout for those of you work with web color a lot. And also, the old RGB sliders options. By default, the RGB sliders in R17 works sort of in an additive fashion so you can see what you're going to get as you drag that slider. But if we choose the old RGB sliders, you get more like the behavior you had in previous versions of Cinema 4D where it just shows black to full red, black to full green and black to full blue, and you'll see your mix as you adjust the sliders up here. That's the RGB mode. HSB mode doesn't have any special options, you can just enable it by default or not. Same with Kelvin, and the color mixer. Next, we get into the swatches mode, and here we can choose to enabled this by default. We can also choose whether we want to show the group names for the swatches, which is a little bit hard to see here because we don't have groups. But let's just go ahead and create a group. Pastels, and we'll go into the wheel, and choose pastels there, and we'll select these and drag them into that group. Now if I choose...first of all I'm going to choose to make the swatches large, and then I can choose to show the group name, and you'll see that there's a little line there to say that this is the pastel group. If you don't show the group names, they'll also show as you mouse over the folders. There you can see that that is the pastels group. I leave the group names off, but I usually make the swatch sizes either medium or large. And now we've got our defaults set, and those are stored in the Cinema 4D preferences, and we're good to go. So when we go ahead and restart Cinema 4D, and jump into our color chooser, you'll see that the HSB mode is on by default. The color wheel is small, but the swatches are big. All of those options that we set are in place. Now you know how to set up your color chooser the way you want every time you launch Cinema 4D.
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