How to Adjust the Layout of the R17 Color Chooser

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Activate Tabs and Adjust Sizing in the R17 Color Chooser

The new Color Chooser in Release 17 offers a lot of options for managing color. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to display the tabs or modes you want and also how to adjust the size of various elements.



- In this tutorial, we're going to look at how to change the layout and size of various elements in the Cinema 4D Release 17 Color Chooser. The Color Chooser has lots of new capabilities and they're all accessed here from these icons that appear beneath the swatch when you unfold the color chip. Any color chip in Cinema 4D can be folded like this or unfolded to show all of the color options. Of course, if you've got it folded, you can click on it and access the color choices in a modal dialogue. But we'll look here at this mode. The first three icons are special modes for the color wheel, the color spectrum, and the image mode. And you'll notice that as I click each of those, it switches the mode to each of those. And I can't drag over to have multiples of these three modes visible at a time. And that's just because of the nature of those specific modes. They're kind of one-time use modes where you're going to just pick what you want and move on. You can, however, add these to any of the remainder of the icons, the RGB, HSB, Kelvin, the mix, and the swatches. And you can see that as I click over those, we'll disable the wheel here. As I click over each of those, it switches as well. However, I can also drag over or right click on tabs to enable multiples of these five here. And then, of course, the last one here is the screen color picker which isn't enabled; it's just something that you click and it picks. Now beyond the various layout tabs that you can enable, each of the elements has size options that you can access from within the right click context menu. So if I right click here on the main color chip, I can switch this from a small preview to a large preview. I actually like the larger color chip preview a little bit better. In the color wheel, for instance, I can right click and make this small. Or very large. And I can do the same thing in the spectrum. One other thing that I'll show you in the color wheel is these icons here for the colors that are being picked by the wheel are pretty small by default. And I like to right click on those and change the swatch size there to either medium or large. So it's a little easier to see the various colors that are being picked through the wheel. Also, if we look here at the swatches view, we'll want to go ahead and adjust the size of the swatches perhaps as well, so we can right click and choose swatch size small, medium, or large. So that's a quick look at the various options for adjusting the Color Chooser's layout and size in Cinema 4D Release 17.
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