How to Merge Takes from Multiple Cinema 4D Scenes

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Reassign Takes when Merging Projects in C4D R17

When merging multiple scenes with Takes, Cinema 4D Release 17 allows you to choose which Takes should be added or overwritten.



When merging multiple files that contain takes, you get some nice options for choosing which takes will be overridden, or which takes you want to import. Let's just go ahead and choose file merge, and I'm going to merge in a later version of the same file. I get a dialogue asking if I want to reassign the included takes, and so I'm going to go ahead and choose "yes." And this pulls up a nice dialogue that allows me to see all of the takes in my source file that I'm importing, as well as all of the takes in the current file that I'm merging into, the destination file. And in here I can go ahead and drag any of these takes directly over onto the left side, and if I put them in the field that's next to the take, it's going to replace that take with the take in the source file-- in the file that I'm merging. This is nice because I can even take a take like this, which was called Long Tail originally and in the later file it's called Long Trails, and I can actually drop that in as well and replace the Long Tail take with the Long Trails take. I can also take a take that's not in the destination file and drop it as a child of the Long Tail, so this reverse take will now be added into the new file. And I can even do some interesting things like take this exponential take and if I want to keep both the take that's in the destination file and the source file, I can just drag it into the hierarchy. And now I'll get both the exponential take in the current file, as well as the one in the file that I'm merging. So with that I can go ahead and select a couple more of these takes here, and drop them in the hierarchy. And let's go ahead and replace Smoothing and Super Smooth as well, and now I can hit okay. And now you can see that all of my takes have been merged or imported, just like I specified in the dialogue.
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