Different Ways to View Takes and Overrides

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Take Tree, Override Tree and Dual Tree View Options plus Take-specific Attributes.

Learn about Take Manager View options, including the Take Tree mode, Override Tree mode and Dual Tree mode. See how to open the Take-specific Attributes section, and use it to quickly modify override values. Discover the best combination of Take view options for your workflow and task.



In this quick tip we're going to look at some of the different view modes of the Cinema 4D Release 17 Take Manager. By default, Cinema 4D opens the Take Manager in the Dual Tree Mode where you have all of your takes on the left and your overrides on the right. And generally, this is a really great way to work. There's a couple other options as well. You can do the Take Tree Mode which doesn't show the overrides and simply shows the Take Tree. And you can also do the Override Tree Mode, which is actually kind of cool because you can choose the Take up here in a drop-down and then you see the overrides here in the bottom. Along with these modes is the option to show the Take-specific Attribute section. And there's actually not a menu item for this but you can enable it by clicking the button in the upper right of the Take Manager. This adds an area underneath that actually will show all of the attributes that are overridden. This is actually really cool especially when you collapse your overrides because if you select just the object you'll get a simplified Attribute Manager with just the attributes on that object that have been overridden. This is a really cool way to sort of simplify the Object Manager Interface into just the parameters that you need to change. This specific Attribute Manager section doesn't have to be on the bottom of the Take Manager. You can also choose to click this button which will put it on the right hand side. So you should definitely experiment and find the best combination of the Take View Modes and the Attribute Manager that works for you.
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