Artistic and Value-based Color Chooser Color Wheel Modes

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  • Made with Release: 17
  • Works with Release: 17 and greater

Switch the Color Chooser Wheel Mode between Accurate and Artistic Views, Saturation or Value, and Lock Radius.

The Color Chooser's Color Wheel has several special modes accessible via the context menu. These allow you to change the wheel between Accurate (RGB) and Artistic (RYB) models, and between Saturation and Value radius. You can also lock the radius to adjust the Hue without affecting the Saturation.



- The color wheel in the Release 17 Color Chooser actually has some nice options hidden in the context menu that you should know about. And those include options to change the way that the wheel is represented. So by default it's being represented in accurate fashion with red, green and blue. But you can also change it to an artistic mode with red, yellow and blue. You can also choose to adjust whether the wheel is adjusting the saturation while the slider does the value or the reverse with the wheel doing the value and the slider doing the saturation. And this might be useful if you want to set a certain saturation but you want to choose various values that relate to that saturation. There is one other option here and that is the option to lock the radius. So you can hit the lock button. And now as you rotate around, you can't move in or out. So again, your saturation is locked but your hue can be adjusted freely. So those are just a few really quick options I wanted to show you in the Release 17 color wheel.
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