How to Quickly Change the Active Camera and Take via the HUD

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  • Made with Release: 17
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New C4D R17 HUD Elements make it easy to identify and switch the active camera and take

In Cinema 4D Release 17, you can quickly change the active Camera or Take, directly within the view. Just enable the Camera and Take HUD options, and click to activate a different Camera or Take from the popup.



There's a handy new option in the HUD that makes it easy to switch cameras and takes. To get there, just choose the options menu and choose Configure View or just hit Shift V. And in the HUD tab in of the viewport options you want to go ahead and activate both the camera option as well as the current take option. And you'll see that now here on the top of my HUD you I have an indicator that tells me what camera and what take is currently active. Well to change that, all you have to do is click, and I can easily change to the close up camera, or the head on camera. And in the same way, I can go ahead and choose one of these other takes, like maybe the Long Trails take, or even the MatB take. It's one of those small little changes that can actually dramatically speed up your work flow.
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