How to Render Takes with the Picture Viewer, Render Queue and Team Render

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Render All or Selected Takes with the Picture Viewer, Render Queue, Team Render or Command Line Render

In this tutorial you'll learn about several methods to render Takes in Cinema 4D Release 17. You can render all or selected takes directly to the Picture Viewer, optionally utilizing Team Render. To render via Team Render Server, Save Takes with Assets to create individual job folders for each take. There's also a -take flag for the Command Line Render interface.



When you want to render multiple takes there are several options. The first is the Render All Takes To Picture Viewer and Team Render All Takes To Picture Viewer commands which will render all of your takes in sequence to the picture viewer either directly or using team render. And there's also the option to render the mark takes either directly or via team render. That will use the check marks here to the right side of the take manager and only the ones that are marked will actually be rendered. You can also render takes through the render queue, so if we go ahead and choose to open the render queue, and in fact I am just going to go ahead and choose add to render queue and we'll save the file. Here we have our file in the render queue and as you can see, here, we now have an option to choose which take should be rendered as well as the render settings and the camera. Now one little note here is that the render cue unfortunately does not support the relative path names yet, so we'll have to go ahead and copy this path here and we'll just go ahead and put it here and replace the relative part of this path. Now you can see that that error went away and we'll be able to render this file. It does support Tokens within the render queue. So we've got our main take here. We'll go ahead and control drag and select the second one and we can go ahead and choose the high hull take. Control drag again, maybe we'll choose the MatB take and we're ready to render this out via the render queue. Now of course you can also use team render server and if you want to do that, you're going to want to go into the file menu and choose the Save All Takes With Assets or the Save Marked Takes With Assets option which will save a complete project folder for each take. So if you save that directly into your team render server repository folder, you will get a separate job for each project folder, each take. And also finally, there's the option to use the command line to render your takes. Just use the -take parameter within the command line field and hopefully, your favorite render manager will support that soon as well.
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