Cinema 4D Roadshow 2016 - Flower Bloom Animation: Modeling the Stem with the Sweep Object

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Using the sweep object to model the stem of the flower.

Using the sweep object to model the stem of the flower & adjusting the thickness of the stem in the details tab of the sweep object.



All right, welcome back. So, in this video, we're going to use a Sweep object to model the stem of the flower, but before we do that, first thing we're going to want to do is disable some of these Displacer deformers. So, over here, just click the little green checkmark to disable that, and then, we're going to disable our Subdivision Surface. That way, it allows us to move around our scene a lot quicker, and doesn't slow us down. All right, cool. Next thing we're going to want to do is drop in a Helix spline. Go ahead and click there, drop that into our scene. I'd zoom out a little bit. We're going to want to rotate this 90 degrees. I'm holding down Shift to constrain it to 10 degree increments. Okay, click on our helix, and then, the Start Radius, we want to put that to zero. Hit Enter, and the End Radius, we're going to put that to zero. Hit Enter, that's going to give us a straight line, then we're going to scale this up to make this a little bit taller, and really, what we want the Height to be is around 500 centimeters. All right, that's looking good. After that, let's take our flower, and let's go ahead and move it up, right about the entry point... Right about there should be good. All right, sounds good. So, let's... Okay, cool. So, now we need to introduce our Sweep object. So, under here, under this tab, we have our Sweep objects, so just drop that into our scene. Let's take the Helix spline and make it a child of the Sweep object. Now, for the Sweep object to work, it's going to need two splines, at least. The first one being the Profile spline, the second one being the Patch spline. So, we have our Patch spline, which is this right here, our helix. Now we need to introduce our Profile spline. So, let's drop in a Circle spline. Let's take that, scale it down like so, somewhere around there. Let's make it 18 centimeters. On the Radius, going to take this Circle spline, and drop it into our Sweep object, right about there. All right, that's looking good. Let's take our Flower_Petal, and let's drop it down right in there. Try and make it as flush as possible with our flower stem. Now, of course, our stem right now looks pretty big, pretty huge right now, but we're going to adjust the thickness of our stem by clicking on our Sweep object, and in the Object tab, you want to twirl down to your Details tab. So, once you're here, you have the ability to adjust the thickness of our Sweep object, or our stem. Let's go ahead and name this stem. Flower_Stem. Now, I'm going to adjust the thickness of our stem with this graph here. So, first thing I want to do, actually, is set some points. So, right about here, or so...yeah, that's it, right there. We're going to set a point by holding down CMD. So, if you hold down CMD and click, you can set points along your graph. So, I'm going to select these two points and drag them down, and you can see us starting to form our flower petal. Now, we're going to be creating more points along this graph, but this graph and this window is a little small, so I'm going to right-click. Now, it's getting cut off in my recording, but you right-click, go all the way down to the bottom, it says "Show in Separate Window", and when you show in separate window, it'll maximize the window here into another window, so that way, you can see your points a little bit clearer. Okay, so from here, you're probably going to want to set another point right about here, and other points in between that, as well. So, I'm going to take these, and bring this up. Now, I'm looking on the left to see the effect that I'm getting, making my adjustments accordingly. I'm going to want to bring this down, bring this up, these points up. Now, I'm just adjusting this curve, so that way, it gives us a nice, stem-like appeal to our flower. I'm going to take this, shrink this in like so. It's looking good. Now, depending on where we move this, we can get some different effects for our flower, but I think that's about right where we want it to be, and I'm even going to set another point, let's say, around here. Take these two guys, and bring them down even just a little bit further. That way, it kind of bulges out a little bit more towards the bottom. I think that's exactly what we want for this flower petal. We can then close out of our flower stem window. Yeah, I think this is exactly what we wanted for our flower stem. So, next thing we're going to want to do is introduce some leaves into our scene, right along the stems. So, there's a great resource in the Content Browser for that. So go to Window, Content Browser, in your Presets, Broadcast, 3D Objects, Vegetables, you'll see this Basil Leaf. This Basil Leaf right here, now, if you double-click that, that will introduce your Basil Leaf into the scene, but to save time, I've gone ahead and dropped that in. This is the same Basil Leaf from the Content Browser. I've dropped that in, added a Bend deformer to it, and just placed it into place, as you can see here, along our Sweep object. And here's our Bend deformer, if I turn that on, you can see that, as well. Adjusting the Strength, you can see, and the same way I set up our flower petals is the same way I set up these leaves, just with a simple Bend deformer, obviously with not as many deformers as the petals, but this should be exactly what we're looking for in this lesson. And we can go ahead and turn back on our displacers to see fully where we're at with this. Yeah, so that's looking good. So, in this video, we used a Sweep object to model the stem of the flower, and introduced the Basil Leaf from the Content Browser to give it a little more bit detail along the stem of the flower.
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