Cinema 4D Roadshow 2016 - Flower Bloom Animation: Creating the Inner & Outer Petals

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Creating the Inner & Outer petals of the flower using the cloner object.

In this tutorial we create the Inner & Outer petals of the flower using the cloner object.



All right, welcome back. In this video, we'll be creating the inner and outer petals to complete the model of our flower. So once we're back inside Cinema, first thing I'm going to do is turn off our Main_Flower temporarily by hitting the stoplight, and I'm going to turn on this top spline right here, which is our outer petal. So in between lessons, I created this profile spline for our outer petals. So let's go ahead and use that now. So turn back on our Main_Flower. What we're going to want to do is take our Flower_Petals and duplicate that by holding down Cmd to duplicate it, and this is going to be our outer petal. So let's go ahead and rename these Outer, Outer, and Outer. And we're going to go ahead and delete the geometry at the bottom here. Let's take our Outer_Petals and drop it right where our old geometry used to be, and you can see it automatically starts to clone that, like so. So what we'll need to do is take this and drop in an Extrude object. Let's go up here. Extrude object, holding down Alt, of course, will automatically make it a parent of our spline. Let's rename this Outer_Petal. Having a very clean and strict naming convention will be very key and important in animation, which is why I keep renaming these. So once we have our Extrude object, click on it, go to our Objects tab, and set the Movement to 0. And then we're going to need to turn our Bend_Back. And let's just increase the Strength here of our Bend_Back, somewhere around there should be good. We're going to reduce the amount of Clones down to 5. Click on our Cloner object, reduce our Count, and that's looking good, except we don't have enough resolution down here, it looks like. So let's fix that. We need to select our Extrude object, go to our Caps tab, and under Type, at the bottom, let's switch it to Quadrangles, and check on Regular Grid. Let's just bring the Width down to around 5, which will smooth out that geometry. And that is our outer petals. So the next thing we're going to want to do is create our inner petals. So take our Flower_Peals here, hold down Cmd to duplicate it, and this would be our inner petals. Let's just rename those Inner, Inner, Inner. We're going to keep this same geometry. Rename those Inner and Inner. Inner_Petals. All right, sounds good. Let's take our Bend_Back and let's bring that up to, like, around there or so, around 51. That's looking good. And then we're going to take our inner petals and we're just going to scale it down, like so. All right, that's looking good. So that is our inner petal. Now, let's just, again, let's rename this. Instead of Flower_Petal, this is going to be our Main_Petal, Main_Petal, Main_Petal. Rename this Main, Main. All right, looking good. So last thing we're going to need to do is just add one Twist deformer to the top of these two petal groups. So let's collapse everything down. Let's just add in one Twist deformer. Let's zoom out. Zoom out. Take that Twist deformer, let's bring it up. We're going to scale it down right around there. So it doesn't need to fully be encompassed inside the Twist deformer. As soon as we start increasing the angle, you can see it's starting to affect our inner petals, which is what we want. We're going to leave that at 0 for now. This is going to come in handy for animation. We're going to take this same Twist deformer, hold down Cmd to duplicate it and put it in our Main_Petals. That way we can twist it, like so. Okay, let's turn the visibility off for those deformers for now. And then, the last thing that we're going to want to do is just double-click here on our Material Manager, and take this new material and drop it onto our Stem. That will just make it a great material, just for consistency purposes. And yeah, that should be it. So this is looking good. I think our flower is all ready to go for animation. It's all rigged up, it's all modeled, so let's go ahead and do that in the next lesson. So, in this video, we created the inner and outer petals to fully complete our model of our flower.
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