Cinema 4D Roadshow 2016 - Flower Bloom Animation: Adding Additional Details to the Flower

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Using the sweep object & the cloner object to create the stamen of the flower.

Using the sweep object & the cloner object to create the stamen of the flower.



All right, welcome back. So now that we have the skeleton of our flower, let's go ahead and use a Sweep object and a Cloner object again to create the stamen of the flower for additional detail. So once we're back inside of Cinema, let's go ahead and select all of our objects and group them by hitting keyboard shortcut Alt+G. And let's just rename our group to Flower_main. And we're just going to turn everything off in our scene by hitting the top stoplight and turning it red. Okay. So that just gives a little bit more room and real estate to work with our stamen individually. So now we're going to need to switch to front view mode. And once we're in front view mode, we're going to want to grab our Pen tool, and we're going to click and drag and create the profile of our stamen. Let's go ahead and do that. So I want to just click and drag right down here towards the base. Click and drag out. Click and drag. Click and drag. I'm just creating the profile of our stamen. All right. That's looking good. So we're actually going to be creating two stamens. So we're going to need to create another spline. So what we want to do is click away, click off, and grab the Pen tool again. Let's click and drag towards the bottom and create another profile. Like so. Yeah. Somewhere around there. Move that down. Move that over. Okay. So this should be good, and this should be what we want. So let's go ahead and take these splines and start creating geometry for them. So let's switch back to our perspective mode, come down, and once we have our splines, go ahead and rename them. Switch back to object mode. This is going to be our Center_Stamen, and this is going to be our Outer_Stamen. Let's go ahead and go to our Sweep object, clicking and dragging, holding down Alt, and that will make our Sweep object be parent of our Outer_Stamen. Let's just rename this again, and let's do the same thing for our Center_Stamen. Click and hold, hold down Alt, that makes it a parent of our Center_Stamen. Okay. Looks good. So all we need is our profile spline to add that into our scene, which is going to be our circle spline. So let's go ahead and drop in a Circle spline, and drop that in first in our Center_Stamen. Of course it's far too large, so our Radius for these is going to be about 1 cm, and we can always adjust it after the fact. Let's do two for now. Let's take the same thing, same profile spline, holding down Cmd, clicking and dragging, and putting it right in our Outer_Stamen Sweep object. Now, from here, we want to adjust our Details tab, so click on the Outer_Stamen, go to our Details tab, and we're going to adjust the scale of these. Now, looking at these, I think just we need to make this just a little bit bigger. So let's select our circle spline to make that 3 for now. Yeah, that's looking good. Okay. So let's click on our Outer_Stamen, go to our Details tab, and here let's create a point, right about here or so. Now we're going to select these last two points and bring them down, like so. Maybe right around there. And I'm going to select this last point and bring that up, like so. That's going to give me some variation in thickness, which is what we want. Let's do the same thing with our Center spline. Hold down Cmd to click and set a point, select both of these points, let's bring them down around here And then I'll select the last point and bring that up. And still I think we can get away with having the stamens just a little bit larger. So I'm going to select my Circle splines again, maybe make that 4. Four or maybe even 5. Okay. So that's looking good. Now, let's take these Center_Stamens, and let's clone them radially. So to do that, obviously, we need the Cloner object. Let's go to the MoGraph modules, select the Cloner object. Let's drop that into our scene. And our Outer_Stamen, let's just drop that into our Cloner object. It automatically clones it upwards on the Y linearly. We want to clone it radially, so let's switch our Mode from Linear to the Radial. And the Plane is on a different axis. We want to switch that to XZ. There we go. Now, our Count, we want to make this pretty large bunch. Count, we want to have around 30, 35, actually, around there for our Outer_Stamen. And then our inner stamen, you want to drop in another Cloner object. Go to our MoGraph module object, hold down Alt, click on our Cloner object, set the Mode to Radial again, change our Plane to XZ. Let's increase our Count again as well, to somewhere around 30. All right, let's work with one of these at a time. So I'm going to turn the visibility off of our Outer_Stamen. While we're at it, let's go ahead and rename this as well. And Center_Stamen. So this is looking pretty cool. Center_Stamen. Let's adjust the Radius, bring that much closer together. So right now the Radius is at 0. Right now it's pretty perfectly distributed, as far as the stamens. We're going to adjust the distribution, vary it up with a Random effector a little bit later on. Let's set up our Outer_Stamen at the same time. So let's bring the, again, the Radius down somewhere around 0. All right. That's looking good. Okay, cool. So once we have these, all we need to do now is add in a Random effector. And what the Random effector is going to do is it's going to randomize...well, we're going to randomize the rotation of each of these stamens to make it feel a little bit more natural and add some imperfections. So selecting both of these, making sure that both of your Cloner objects are selected, go to the MoGraph module, Effector, Random effector. And automatically you can see it's affecting our stamens, but it's a little bit too drastic. Right now it's affecting the position. We want to turn that off. We don't want to affect the position. We just want to affect the Rotation, just a little bit. So somewhere maybe around 2, 2, 2 on the heading, 2 on the pitching, and 2 on the banking. And that will be enough to adjust our rotation and get some randomization in our stamen. Let's make this 4, maybe. Actually, 4...maybe 3. Let's go right in between. That should be enough to add some randomization to our stamens and make it feel a little bit more interesting or organic. So the last thing I need to do is select both of these stamens and actually give them some caps, because right now the caps are pretty flat. So let's go ahead and go to our Caps tab, select our End caps, and add fill it and our radius, obviously, is a little too large. Let's make our Radius down to let's say, what, 3? And increase our Steps to like 5 or so. Yeah. That feels a little bit better. All right, cool. And so the beautiful thing about this is that we have some really cool animation possibilities. If we go to our Object tab, we can adjust our Start Growth and our End Growth, which will animate up, which is pretty cool. And same thing with our Outer_Stamen. We have these animation capabilities of it animating up real nice. So let's just select all these, let's group them, rename them Stamen. Okay. Now that we have our stamen, let's go ahead and turn on our Flower_main. Let's zoom out a little bit. And as you can tell, our stamen is far too large. That's okay. Let's just take our Stamen, let's bring it up, and let's just place it right around where it needs to go, and let's just scale it down to fit within our flower. Let's zoom in on that. Let's drop it in right around there and scale it down a little bit more, like so. Let's bring that down just a little bit. And yeah, we should be good. So that's looking good. In this video, we used the Sweep object and the Cloner object to create the stamen of the flower to add additional detail.
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