Cinema 4D Roadshow 2016 - Flower Bloom Animation: Tutorial Overview

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Instructor Handel Eugene

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Flower blooming animation, tutorial overview. Discussing the topics that will be covered in this series.

In this tutorial series we’ll be breaking down & recreating the flower blooming animation seen in Maxon’s Warm Winter project. We’ll model, rig, & animate the flower blooming all from scratch & cover multiple techniques & topics inside of cinema 4D that will cater to both new & experienced C4D users.



Hey, everyone. My name is Handel Eugene, and welcome to the Cineversity tutorial series on how to create a flower bloom animation. In this series, we're going to model our flower and it's properties from scratch, including the flower petals, the flower stem, and the flower stamen. We're going to also rig up our flower petals with deformers to give us the most flexibility when we're in the animation stage. I'm excited about this one, and I hope you are, too. If you're ready to get started, let's go ahead and dive right in.
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