Cinema 4D Roadshow 2016 - Flower Bloom Animation: Creating Multiple Petals with Cloner Object

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Taking the flower petal we’ve modeled & rigged & cloning it to create the flower.

Using the Mograph Cloner Object we take the flower petal and clone it radially to create the structure of our flower. We then test out our our deformer rig to make sure it's working properly.



Welcome back. So in this video, we're going to take our petal that we've modeled and rigged thus far, and start forming the structure of our flower. Let's go ahead and get started. So the first thing we're going to want to do is go into the MoGraph module and drop in our Cloner object. Let's drop that into our scene. Let's take our flower petal and make it a child of the Cloner object. As soon as we do that, it automatically duplicates or clones our flower petals upwards in a linear fashion. Obviously, what we want is for our flower petals to be cloned radially. So let's click on our Cloner object, and under Mode you'll see we can switch to Radial. That starts to give us closer to what we want. But obviously, right now, it's on the wrong plane, the wrong axis. So let's switch that. Under Plane, let's switch from XY to XZ. Cool. Now, that starts to give us a flower-like effect. So let's adjust the radius. Let's bring that down somewhere around there. It's looking good. Let's increase the count of our flower petals. We want to go up to seven. So as soon as we do that, we can obviously start to see that it starts to intersect with each other. That's okay. We can adjust that and fix that with our deformers. Let's just take a look at this. Yeah. There's some intersecting here. Maybe I can just increase the radius just a little bit, like so. Then, let's make our adjustments to fix this intersecting that's happening right here with our Bend deformer. So on our first Bend deformer, the right side, let's say, we can make our adjustments to our Bend deformer somewhere around there. It should work, and that starts to fix some of that intersecting. We want these flower petals to kind of be right up against, as flush as possible with each other. So we can take the Bend deformer on the left-hand side, and let's just bring that back down until right before they start intersecting, which is right around there. All right. That's looking good. So now, all we need to do is just test our Bend deformer rig out, and make sure that everything is working properly and accordingly. So that way, we won't get any animation, and we can just start animating right away. So let's just kind of look for anything that sticks out, and make sure this is working properly. So this is our bend back, and this is probably going to be the majority of our flower bloom animation is going to be with this effect here, with that bend back. We want to make sure that that's working properly. So that's looking good. Our twist, we just want to make sure that that's working properly, which it's looking good. Obviously, we've got some intersecting. But of course, we can fix that. Our bend left, bend right, that's working, obviously, and our bend left. All right. That's looking good. Our bend bottom, we won't be animating this. This is probably going to say right where it's at. But it's just good to see that it's down there and it's working. Okay, cool. This is looking good. I think this is perfect for what we want. Our Bend deformers are working, and our rig is in place. So let's go ahead and move on to the next lesson. So in this video, we took our flower petal that we modeled and rigged, and cloned it radially to form the structure of our flower. See you guys in the next lesson.
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