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Physics is the science of describing our universe in precise scientific terns.  Physics studies materials, mass, volume, space, forces, motion and more, and describes the interrelationships of everything, and how everything relates to everything else.  Using physics formulations, once should be able to accurately predict (or reproduce in some sort of simulation), the behavior of the intended subjects when the hypothesis is tested.  One of the earliest physicists was arguably Gallileo, wo was able to determine that any object, regardless of weight, volume or mass, will fall at the same rate in a vacuum. 

Of course, likely the first physicist to come to mind would be Isaac Newton, the first scientist to describe gravity.  There is even a branch pf physics named after him, “Newtonian Physics.”

In computer animation, physics has become an essential tool in the kit.  Physics can make some arduous animation tasks so much easier, especially where a realistic result is desired. Physics is a daunting subject, not so much for the level of difficulty (much of it is really common sense), but rather for the sheer scope of it.  After all, describing the universe in scientifically precise terms is a rather broad task.  Fortunately, as a content maker, you are likely to focus on a subset of physical attributes that tend to get the most use, and Cinema 4D will do the rest for you.  Learn those and understand the best values to use, and you will enjoy a tremendous reward. And maybe even a job.

If you would like to learn more about physics, and you happen to have an iPad, you may wish to investigate the Physics textbooks available on iBooks.  It’s full of great information, and animated examples.  In addition, its far less expensive than the hardcover version, which is an added bonus.