Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Brandon Parvini: Character Development and Animation Workflows in C4D

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Brandon Parvini demonstrates character animation and rendering techniques and workflows employed on the upcoming season of Adult Swim's Dream Corp LLC. You’ll learn how Brandon and his team achieved a non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) or cartoon look using basic shaders and C4D’s standard render engine - primarily through the use of Oren-Nayer shading and specular lighting. You’ll also see techniques they use when animating characters for the show, including use of Xrefs and the Surface Deformer. They also utilize iPi Soft to generate quick motion capture, and a Character Object template which allows them to easily tweak and animate on top of the mocap animation.

08:33NPR-style Shading Techniques
12:57Trash Monster
17:59Surface Deformer
20:05Displace Deformer
28:52Cloning Trash on the Character
38:59Animating the Ogre with iPi Soft
54:43Animating on top of MoCap