Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Marc Potocnik: Procedural Landscaping with Cinema 4D

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  • Duration: 46:07
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Marc Potocnik of studio renderbaron offers a master class in Cinema 4D’s procedural noises, explaining which noises to use and how to layer them to create dramatic procedural landscapes. Marc outlines the two families of Noise - Perlin and Voronoi, and explains how each noise type relates to these families. Then he shows how various noise types work in displacement in order to create landscapes and rocks. You’ll see how noises can be layered both in C4D’s classic material and in Node-Based Materials in Cinema 4D R20, in order to create and shade landscapes. You’ll also see how the multi-instances in Cinema 4D R20 make it possible to populate a large amount of vegetation in a landscape without hitting memory limits. Finally you’ll see some tricks for lighting the scene and a comparison of the strengths & weaknesses of C4D’s Standard and Physical render engines.

10:12Introduction to Procedural Noise
14:19Creating Rocks from Procedural Noise
17:18Node-Based Approach to Procedural Rocks
19:37Noise Types for Landscapes and Rock Formations
24:57Modeling a Mountain with Procedural Noise
26:50Mountain Shading
33:30Mountains and Valleys
40:43Lighting and Rendering