Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Russ Gautier: Cinematic Techniques in Cinema 4D

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Russ Gautier demonstrates several Cinema 4D techniques employed by Perception in the concept and main-on-end titles for Marvel’s Black Panther. Sand played a crucial role in the visual development of the movie, and Perception developed techniques using Cinema 4D’s procedural noises to create realistic, sparkling sand. A key aspect of the technique is layering multiple renders from Cinema 4D in After Effects, and Russ also shows how Cineware for After Effects can facilitate the look development. Another key visual element in the main-on-end titles was cymatic patterns, and Russ shows how Perception animated and transitioned between cymatic patterns using a custom Python script. Finally Russ demonstrates how R20 makes it possible to create the same effect much more easily using Fields and the Target Effector.
Find out more about Perception’s work on Black Panther in their online case study:

05:10Sand in Marvel's Black Panther
12:13Look Dev in Cineware for After Effects
16:12Adding Bump and Displacement
19:11Adding Glints to make the Sand Sparkle
41:15Morph Deformer
43:48Cymatics with R20 Fields