Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Steve Teeple: VR and Character Animation Workflow in C4D

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  • Duration: 44:28
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Modeling in VR and Animating with Motion Capture.

In this presentation digital artist Steve Teeple shares how he uses Virtual Reality for faster more expressive modeling and Cinema 4D’s Procedural workflows in order to create new work through a process of experimentation. He closes his presentation by showing how he uses motion capture data and the Motion System to quickly put together complex animation sequences.

01:09Demo Reel
02:28Personal Methodology
03:15Discussion of Procedural Workflows
06:10Virtual Reality Tools
09:43Importing Models from TiltBrush to C4D
11:30MoGraph Animation of VR Sculptures
13:06Kit Bashing with VR Models
17:44Character Modeling and Posing
21:59Working with Motion Capture Data
24:30Importing FBX Animation
25:21Adding Motion Clips
26:25Motion Clip Editor
27:18Combining Multiple Animation Clips
28:51Positioning Motion Clips with Pivot Objects
34:09Animating Entire Sequences with MoCap Data
38:04Anti-Gravity Effects with Pivot Objects
40:35Hand-Keying Animation on Top of Motion Capture