Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Jeremy Cox: Improvisational C4D in Production: Euro Cup coverage on ESPN

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Jeremy illustrates the improvisational creative process he and his team at Imaginary Forces went through to create the ESPN UEFA Euro 2016 package.

In the first section, he walks you through creating a European map with animated border lines using displacement, shaders, noise, reflectance and bump. Jeremy then walks through the process of creating the animated paint strokes that define each of the countries. Using real, physically painted textures as a starting point and manipulating them with the Free Form Defomer (FFD), Smooth Deformer, Bend Deformer, Buldge Deformer, Displacers, and a Spline Wrap to define the actions of the paint strokes. Lastly, he shows how the pencil-sketched team crests were executed using layered Sketch and Toon materials with animation. Includes a brief overview of how using the Take System saved tons of time in production.

00:41Demo Reel
02:47What is Improvisational C4D?
05:42A Montage of the ESPN UEFA Package
08:28Style Frames for the Opening Sequence
10:23Creating the Animated European Map
20:48Creating the Animated Paint Strokes Effect
34:35Creating the Pencil-Sketched Team Crests