Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Mitch Myers: Creating C4D Cinematic Scenes with Volumetrics

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  • Duration: 45:03
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Learn how Octane Fog and VDBs can be used to add cinematic quality to 3D environments.

In this live presentation from Siggraph 2017, Mitch Myers shows how Octane volumetric effects can help to create cinematic environments. Mitch shows how to achieve dramatic lighting through the placement and color of lights, then creates volumetric tracers and uses Octane Fog to fill out the scene. Next Mitch shows how he simply recreates the visualization of a black hole from the movie Interstellar, and creates a planetary atmosphere with Octane volumes. Finally Mitch shows how to utilize VDBs in Octane like the ones available for sale on his website.

03:11Dramatic Framing
07:23Dramatic Lighting
15:43Adding Leading Lines - Volumetric Tracers
19:30Octane Fog Environment
25:08Black Hole
30:26Moon with Volumetric Atmosphere
38:05Rendering VDB Volumes in Octane