Siggraph 2017 Rewind - EJ Hassenfratz: Essential Character Rigging and Animation Workflows in C4D

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  • Duration: 50:27
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EJ Hassenfratz from EyeDesyn gives a presentation on how he created and animated octopus character used in a recent advertisement.

EJ begins by modeling the tentacles, then applies an IK joint chain to the tentacles, with IK dynamics to simulate an underwater feel. EJ then proceeds to show how to convert one of the tentacles to FK to make it wave to the camera. Moving onto the head, EJ shows how to create the mouth expressions using Posemorph and custom made user data. He finishes up by showing how he created animation controls for the octopus's eyes. This presentation is a perfect intro for anyone looking to get into character rigging & animation inside Cinema 4D.

03:32Modeling Tenticle, making sure mesh has subdivision made for rigging
04:53Create Joint chain for IK rig
08:35Binding & weighting joints to tenticle's mesh
11:25IK Dynamics
18:12Transition from IK dynamics to FK dynamics
21:36Facial animation using Pose Morph
25:39Set up User Data controls for Pose Morph animations
31:58Use Spline Shader to texture inside of mouth
36:45Setting up eye controls
45:09Creating eye blinking rig & controls

The full tutorial series on creating this Cineversity Cinematic coming soon!