Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Mike Winkelmann: Building a Stylized City in Cinema 4D

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Mike Winkleman, aka Beeple from, gives us a presentation on how to create a stylized city in Cinema 4D using common modeling tools. Modelling the city buildings, Mike focuses on "hard modeling" and "box modeling" techniques to achieve it's geometric look. Mike then uses some basic MoGraph techniques to turn his collection of buildings into an entire city. Mike then finishes the projecting by showing how to texture the building structures using various gradients, renders a separate pass with Cel Renderer, and then compositing the two render passes together in Photoshop to create a surreal look as seen in some of his dailies.

02:10Examples of 'Everydays' and the concept behind them
03:05Modeling an abstract geometric city starting with a cube and common modeling tools
10:06Adding a material while sections of model are selected to save time later
11:01Explaining "hard surface" modeling
11:58Modeling a building from a Cylinder
16:16Using the Line tool to cut edges onto model
19:04Adding stylized windows using the MoGraph Cloner
23:20Creating a city with building models and MoGraph Cloner
27:42Randomizing buildings in city with the Random Effector
28:31Scaling city center buildings up with the Plane Effector
30:37Texturing the city with gradients
34:34Rendering the project and compositing it in Photoshop