Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Ethan Shaftel: VR in C4D - Making Extravaganza

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Ethan Shaftel shares his process for making the VR Film “Extravaganza”.

In this live presentation, Filmmaker Ethan Shaftel shares his process for making the VR Film “Extravaganza”. The film combines live action elements (starring Paul Sheer) with an all-virtual puppet show rendered in Cinema 4D using the CV-VRCam plugin. Shaftel begins with a discussion of VR Films and headsets. He moves onto sharing how you can render simple equirectangular images using the Bake Texture tag. After that he discusses the simpler CV-VR Cam workflow. He closes his presentation with some tips on how to save time on renders using a matte box.
Unfortunately, we encountered some technical issues with our demonstration computer & recording setup - so sections of the live presentation did not make it into the final edit.

00:47"Extravaganza" VR Film Trailer
01:45Cinematic VR
02:47360 Video Cameras
06:13VR Headsets
06:40Rendering 360 Video By Baking a Reflective Sphere
10:31Previewing 360 Renders with GoPro VR Player
11:23CV-VR Cam
17:59Using Cinema 4D For 360 Previsualization
19:13First Person Point of View
21:03CV-VR Cam Quickstart
25:32Working in "Director View"
27:07What Actually Needs to be 3D?
31:03Super Self-Aiming VR Matte Box
36:00The Final Render