Siggraph 2017 Rewind - David Ariew: Digital Cinematography in C4D

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Principles of Cinematography used in live-action shoots are just as useful in Cinema 4D.

Visual Effects artist David Ariew shows that a little bit of filmmaking knowledge can go a long way for 3D artists. In this live presentation from SIGGRAPH 2017 he shares a number of tips for how to set up your shots for seamless edits clearer storytelling. He begins by showing his reel and a 4-minute CG music video for “Walk Away” by Michael Marquart. He then goes into an exploration of different lighting techniques. He follows this up with his thoughts on composition and camera movement. Ariew closes out with a discussion of how Depth of Field and Motion Blur can be used to improve your shots.

00:00Intro/Demo Reel
02:25Space Space Space Video
06:24Area Lights vs. HDRIS
14:14Front lighting vs. back lighting
16:01Hard vs. Soft light
18:35Simple Character Animation with Vibrate Tags
23:48Sense of Scale
30:20Camera Movement
36:43Continuity of Motion
43:27Relative Motion
45:36Cheating Perspective
47:57Shallow Depth of Field
48:38Motion Blur