Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Brian Behm: C4D in Quick Turnaround Post Production Environments

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Brian Behm, motion designer at media empire, Rooster Teeth Productions, discusses some ways he's found for effective design with quick turn-arounds utilizing Cinema 4D.

Brian's presentation highlights a few professional projects he's worked on, showcasing ways to use Cinema 4D, and then through the compositing process in After Effects, make great final results. Brian starts with creating and animating a couple different stylized Op Art (optical illusion) designs using basic geometry, deformers and shaders. He then finishes with a motion graphics project for a show segment, which has animated doors closing for a logo reveal.Brian breaks down the texturing and animation process which allowed for a gritty industrial look within a tight deadline.

04:56Creating Op Art tube in C4D with a Cube and Deformer
07:05Texturing Op Art tube with Checkerboard shader in the Luminance channel
10:32Using the Tile Shader to create a dot pattern
14:10Importing Illustrator Paths to Splines in C4D using the CV-ArtSmart plugin
18:09Stick Extruded circles into Fracture object to use MoGraph Effector
21:35Use Spline Wrap deformer to animate bendy arm
29:23Using the Wind Deformer to create ripple effect on closing doors
30:57Texturing the door models using the Normalizer shader
38:22Creating gobo's for Area Lights
42:37Texturing disco ball style logo to fake geometry
44:19Adding volumetric reflecting light rays off disco logo's surface using textures