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View Container filled with Objects




Container filled with objects



CV 2006- 2011


A container filled with objects is the question here. To have it filled without the need to see the filling process or the way they leave the container, I would like to recommend to prepare it based on this set up.

A common way to do it is just to fill the complete “container” with the objects. I think in many cases this leads to a lot of superfluous objects, as they will be not be seen really. 

The object that takes place in the core of such a container should carry the textures with these objects, maybe already a little bit darker. (This can be done with the “Image Hose” in Painter or limited in Illustrator).


This will pay off in render-time and scene handling speed.


I have used the Standard Particle to fill it, which keeps the guess work out—how many Clones are needed.


I have set the “Play Mode” to “Simple” so it doesn’t loop, and stops after the last frame. You might make the Emitter, after you like the result, editable (C key) and delete the Dynamic tag.


It should improve the overall handling and speed (case dependent) of around 50-75%.