Motion Tracking & Object Tracking inside Cinema 4D: User interface Overview

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An overview of the menus, tags, palettes, and Layouts for Cinema 4D's Motion Tracking.

Cinema 4D's Motion tracking has many tools associated to it, menus, tags, palettes and a dedicated Layout.
Let's get an overview of all these, just so that we know what is where.



Cinema 4D's motion tracking has many tools associated to it: menus, tags, pallets and a dedicated layout. Let's get an overview of all these just so that we know what is where. Now standard layout, first of all, we have the motion tracker menu. Most of the stuff we will need is there. Then we have some tags, they are located in the motion tracker tags sub-menu. The two main objects of the motion tracking workflow are the motion tracker object and the object tracker objects. Then from the motion tracking menu, select the motion tracker graph view. The graph view is a dope sheet that allows us to see all 2D tracks over time, their quality, called error, their speed, and their acceleration. These values allow us to judge the quality of each track and filter accordingly. Finally, we have the motion tracking layout. This layout has most of the tools you need to do motion tracking. Now that you know pretty much where everything is located, let's look at some of the specifics. Over the next few videos, we will see the attributes of the motion tracker and object tracker objects.
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