Getting Started with Houdini Engine: Houdini Engine Licensing

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Learn about the Houdini Engine Licensing.

Just like jellybeans, Houdini Comes in many flavours, depending on the usage, your business gross income and if you’re a student. What these license types are and how they relate to the Houdini Engine and Cinema 4D are mysteries that will be solved in this video.



- Since Houdini has a more complex licensing structure, I feel the need to give you another view to avoid any confusion. There are three types of Houdini Engine licenses that correlate to different Houdini Digital Asset file types, the commercial license, Houdini FX and Houdini, can create assets with the extension HDA, which stands for Houdini Digital Asset. The limited commercial, Houdini Indie, can create assets with the file extension HDALC, which stands for Houdini Digital Asset Limited Commercial. And the non-commercial license, Houdini Apprentice, or the educational version, can create assets with the file extension HDANC, which stands for Houdini Digital Asset Non-Commercial. For digital assets created with Houdini versions prior to Houdini 14, you may encounter another file type, the operator type library with the extension OTL, but that's the same as the HDA extension. If you have a commercial license, you can only load commercial Houdini Digital Assets, HDAs and OTLs inside Cinema 4D. If you have a limited commercial license, Indie, you can load commercial and limited commercial HDA and HDALC assets, and, of course, OTLs. If you have an educational license, you can load commercial, limited commercial, and non-commercial assets, HDA, HDALC, and HDANC, and again, OTLs. For the Houdini Apprentice license, there is no Houdini engine available. Whenever you upload a Houdini Digital Asset to the Orbolt Smart Asset Store marketplace, regardless of the Houdini license you used to create it, it will be converted into a full commercial asset, HDA, to allow use from all Houdini engine license holders. The process is vetoed by a moderator to avoid the abuse of this functionality, so no sneaky stuff. For more information on Houdini and Houdini Engine licensing, please go to and follow the appropriate links.
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