Getting Started with Houdini Engine: Dynamic Particles

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Let’s see how we can create a simple Houdini Digital Asset that generates dynamic particles, emitted from a user defined object inside Cinema 4D.

Let’s see how we can create a simple Houdini Digital Asset that generates dynamic particles, emitted from a user defined object inside Cinema 4D.
We will learn how to make a basic Particle setup, add dynamics, a floor collider, and link everything to an interface.



- Let's create an asset that generates particles. For that, let's switch to Houdini. We'll begin with a sphere, command click on the sphere and then drag it up and go to the shelf tools called particles and click on this little button. If I press play, you will see that the particles are generated. Again if they're going too fast, just click on the clock to see them in real time. Excellent. Stop and rewind. Here is the network that has been created for us. Fantastic, I'm going to call this 'emitter.' To begin with, I'm going to dive into the emitter, delete the sphere, tab and type 'merge,' select object merge, change this into this object and go up. I'm going to create another sphere so command and sphere, bring it up here and we call this 'sphere.' And go to the emitter and connect this to the sphere. Accept. Now you will see that no particles are generated, that's because we need to change one more thing. Go up, go to the, press H and L a few times to get things nicely laid out. Select this node here, so let me show you. The sphere object's source and change this by clicking on this button and let's go to the object merge sub and select it. Now it works properly. Go up and let's do one more thing. Let's go to the rigid bodies and create a ground plane. If I press play, now, you will see that the particles are bouncing on the floor. Fantastic. This is the main setup I need. Now I want to be able to exchange the sphere for another object and now we'll create an input. And again, I need to prepare all the paths to relative paths so it will work as a digital asset. So one by one, double click in here and let's get a bit more space and let's begin. This one needs to become dot dot slash dot dot, press enter. Let's move on this side popobject, nothing here, let's move here, nothing, let's move here we have a floor, let's change it, dot dot slash dot dot, enter and select this, nothing, this nothing and everything else seems okay. Let's go up, source particles and you can see we have these paths, dot dot slash dot dot, enter and this one dot dot slash dot dot, enter. Press U to go up. Sphere we don't need to change anything here and the ground plane object select this and just make sure it's dot dot slash dot dot, enter. Go up. Let's see if it works, if we didn't break anything. If we broke something, then it won't work. Everything seems to be fine. Fantastic. We don't need the sphere so this is going to stay out. Let me go to the emitter object, dive in, get rid of this, because we're going to replace it in Cinema 4D. Go up, press H and L a few times to get things nicely laid out again. Delete the sphere and these are the essential nodes. Now select them all, create our subnet, let's call this, 'dynamic particles.' Press enter, select it, right click, create digital asset and save it. Let's type a name, 'dynamic particles, ' press accept and then accept again. Fantastic. Let's go to our parameters, get rid of the stand parameters, we don't need them. And now, let's expose or promote some of our parameters. Emitter the object we'll call it 'emitter,' then press enter, go up. And what else do we need to do? Maybe if we go to the, we can define the number of particles, no I won't even bother, I think we're good to go. I'm going to accept this and let's move to Cinema 4D. In Cinema 4D, let's load the asset 'dynamic particles.' Open. And as you can see, everything is okay, we have our input. I'll create a sphere, raise it, adjust my view, select the asset, drop the sphere in here, rewind, press play and there you have it. We have a dynamic particle simulation. Now let's try one more thing. Make my sphere smaller, right click and add a vibrate tag. Enable position, press play and you'll see that the particles are emitted from the position of the sphere. Now how easy was that? I hope you enjoyed it.
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