NAB 2017 Rewind - Russ Gautier: Blockbuster FUI techniques in Cinema 4D

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Russ Gautier details the camera mapping workflow Perception used to map footage on the inside of the Marvel Studios logo. Russ shows a script to quickly create Object Buffers from individual objects (see the attached version of CV-Add to Object Buffer within the CV-OM Tools package). The object buffers are combined with 3D data from C4D within After Effects, and after the footage is aligned the After Effects output is reprojected within Cinema 4D to add reflections and global illumination.

Russ next shows a technique used in a FUI element for Batman v Superman - combining multiple C4D renders in After Effects with a Colorama effect animated via a modulo expression.

05:51Marvel Studios Logo
13:32Generating Object Buffers for the Marvel Logo
20:37Reprojecting the AE footage
25:03Batman v Superman FUI
28:31FUI Looping Gradient Pulse
35:45Looping Animation with Modulo Range Mapper
42:12Volumetric Effect with Normal Direction Shader
46:04Hexagonal Texture using Tiles Shader