NAB 2017 Rewind - Robyn Haddow: Cinema 4D FUI in a Flash

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  • Duration: 55:18
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In this live presentation from NAB 2017, freelance FUI designer Robyn Haddow breaks down her techniques for two projects. The first is a visualization of a "Data Cube" which stores all of the information about a person in a style inspired by DNA sequencing. The second project is a futuristic semi-mechanical interpretation of the DNA molecule.

00:34Demo Reel
04:19Data Cube
06:58Modeling the Data Cube
07:50Breaking up the Cube with PolyFX
12:49Lighting with Physical Sky
15:13Adding Volumetric Ligths
23:23White Lines and Points with Sketch and Toon
27:53DNA Marker Scanning Effect
34:16Linking Layers in After Effects
36:39Making a DNA DNA Helix
39:00Modeling the DNA
41:36Detailing the Look
43:57Making the look more Dynamic
48:05Creating Color Variation
53:36Plexus for Data Connection