Xpresso Maker: Overview

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  • Made with Release: 12
  • Works with Release: 12 and greater

add UserData and Poses to nodes in a single click

Xpresso Maker is a set of Python scripts for CINEMA 4D R12+ that take some of the pain out of creating complex rigs with Xpresso.

Included Scripts:
UD 2 Xpresso - Input: create a tag & node for the object if necessary (or use the selected node) and add input ports for each userdata element
UD 2 Xpresso - Output: same as above, for output ports
UD 2 Xpresso - Input: same as above, but creates input AND output ports
PoseMorph: create a node for the selected PoseMorph tag, with input ports for the strength of each pose
WirePorts: automatically connect ports with the same name in selected nodes