CV-Object Manager Tools: Overview

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  • Made with Release: 16
  • Works with Release: 16 and greater

CV-Object Manager Tools is a collection of scripts for Maxon Computer's Cinema 4D that makes it easier to select, and modify objects.

CV-Object Manager Tools is a collection of over 15 plugins for Maxon Computer's Cinema 4D that makes it easier to select, and modify objects.

CV-Hide/Show Object Toggle, CV-Lock Object Toggle, and CV-Toggle SDS Objects make it easy to tidy up your viewport and speed up your scene.

CV-Randomize Object Colors, CV-Localize Material / Texture Tag, and CV-Texture Tag Toggle make it easy to differentiate the objects in your scene, and try out different looks.

CV-Add to New Object Buffer greatly simplifies the process of working with object buffers in Cinema 4D. This plugin alone is worth the price of admission. Add selected objects to a buffer that is automatically named and added to your render settings. It even intelligently adds child objects to new parent buffers so that you don’t accidentally fail to include important objects in a buffer.

CV-Add Each to New Layer allows you to quickly add a bunch of objects to their own layer, great for organizing scenes - especially so when combined with CV-Layer Comps.

CV-Select Similar Objects, CV-Select Parents, CV-Select Siblings, and CV-Select Cousins give a number of options for selecting objects based on what’s currently selected. CV-Select Similar Tags, CV-Select Tag’s Object allow you to do the same with tags. and CV-Sort Objects Alphabetically does exactly what it says on the tin.

00:39CV-Object Manager Tools Palette
00:54CV-Hide/Show Object Toggle
01:28CV-Lock Object Toggle
02:03CV-Toggle SDS Objects
02:34CV-Randomize Object Colors
03:07CV-Localize Material / Texture Tag
03:54CV-Texture Tag Toggle
04:08CV-Add to New Object Buffer
04:48Adding all selected objects to the same buffer.
05:12Adding each selected object to it's own buffer.
05:26CV-Add Each to New Layer
05:52CV-Select Similar Objects
06:25CV-Select Parent
06:45CV-Select Siblings
06:54CV-Select Cousins
07:31CV-Select Similar Tags
07:48CV-Select Tag's Object
08:14CV-Sort Objects Alphabetically