Using ScoobyCam Tools with CINEMA 4D, Part 4: Moving Targets & Camera Morphing

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Using ScoobyCam Tools with CINEMA 4D, Part 4, Moving Targets & Camera Morphing

Scoobycam Tools can also be set to glide through the environment as does a physical Steadycam stabilizer. Finally we will have a look at another feature of ScoobyCam Tools: Camera Morphing.

In Part 4 we'll continue to explore camera motion by tracking moving targets. We'll also cover Camera Morphing.

Picture gallery credits for the ScoobyCam tutorial:

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Warhammer � GW Ltd image courtesy of Digic Pictures (Untitled)
� J�rgen Schulz (MillingHead)
� (Colors-Indoor 1)
� Edwin Arellano - (Chicken on Ice)
� Bent Image Labs (Flea Circus)
� Jacques Pena - (The Dance)
� (raybot)
� Fredi Vo� (Southern Seas)
� Motion 504 (Discovery Channel Bumper)