Transform the First Letter of Every Word using Cinema 4D's Formula Effector

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Use Formula Effector to access MoText letters indexed by word or line.

Cinema 4D's MoText object includes an option to index the text based on each word or line, so you can easily control the first letter of each word using the Formula Effector. In this tutorial, you'll take advantage of this powerful technique to create an animation representing the mnemonic for the notes of the Treble Clef - Every Good Boy Does Fine.



- In this Cinema 4D quick tip we're going to look at how you can use the formula effector to control just the first letter of every word. So we'll go ahead and add a formula effector to the scene. And we're going to go ahead and clear out the default formula. Now if you've watched prior quick tips you might be familiar with the UVW variables that are available here in the formula effector. These UVW coordinates are not related specifically to texturing, what they are is a relation of the clones in a cloner setup. And typically with a grid array they relate to the dimensions of the grid. If we put in U here for the formula, what you're going to see is it basically just goes straight across, and it's essentially what we'd get with a step effector. But if we go into the MoText, and go to the shader indexing option, we can change this from all letter index into word letter index. And now the U coordinates are going to reset with each word. So now we can use this to affect just the first letter really easily. If we go up here to the formula effector, and we set our formula to U=0, we're going to get just the first letter of each word. Now if we want to go ahead and control the other letters, what we can do is go ahead and create an additional formula effector. And in this case we're going to say U>0, and for those what we're going to do is scale them down, so we'll set the scale to -1. And we're going to make sure that that formula effector is applied to our MoText. So now if I select both formula effectors and I control their strength at the same time, we can go from seeing each word to seeing just the first letters of the word. Now if I want to compare this with a step effector as well in the words, and I'm just going to go ahead and add a step effector, and here what we're going to do is make this linear. And instead of using scale, we're going to use position and affect it on the Y dimension. And we'll go ahead and align these with the letters on the staff. And so now if we select all three effectors at the same time, and adjust the strength, we can easily animate from the mnemonic to the actual letters on the staff. Now the great thing about this rig is that it's incredibly flexible. It doesn't matter what text you have in your MoText object. So if we were doing the bass clef, instead of the treble clef here, we could type good bikes don't fall apart, and it all still will works. We can select all three of our effectors, and animate from good bikes don't fall apart to GBDFA. So that is how you can use the formula effector to easily adjust the first letter of each word.
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