Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Greyscalegorilla: Greyscalegorilla’s Favorite Cinema 4D R20 Features

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  • Duration: 57:56
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Nick, Chad and Chris from Greyscalegorilla show their favorite new features in Cinema 4D Release 20. All three show some examples where they’ve used Fields in MoGraph, vertex maps and deformers. Chad provides an overview of Node-Based Materials while explaining how he used UV Context to create a swirl node in order to texture peppermint candies. Nick and Chris show off some basics of the OpenVDB-based Volume Workflow, while Chad shows of the new Bake As Alembic command and Multi-Instances.

03:25Fields Overview (Chris)
13:04Liquid Effect (Chris)
19:42Footsteps in Snow (Chad)
23:52Fields with Dynamics (Nick)
28:26Node-Based Materials (Chad)
38:33Volumes (Nick)
47:31Volumes / Cloud (Chris)
50:09Volumes / 3D Printing (Chris)
51:54Bake as Alembic (Chad)
52:58Multi-Instances (Chad)