Select Cinema 4D Materials Assigned to Active Objects

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Select Materials of Active Objects to Quickly Modify Materials based on Viewport Selection

It's often easier to select materials based on an object selection. Simply select an object in the view or in the Object Manager and use the Select Materials of Active Objects command to scroll to, select and quickly modify the associated material. Assign a shortcut to quickly access this command whenever you need it.



- In Cinema 4D it's often easier to select materials in the 3D view rather than find them in the material manager. To do this just click to select an object that has the material you want to edit. In the material manager, choose Function, Select Materials of Active Objects. The material measure will scroll and select the material that is on the object you selected and it's all loaded into the attribute manager so you can quickly make your change. I like to add a shortcut for this command to make it a little easier to access. Simply find it in the command manager and add a shortcut like Alt S. Now anytime I need to find the material, I can simply select the object, hover over the material manager and hit Alt S. If you found this tip helpful be sure to like, share, and visit for more great tutorials and resources.
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