NAB 2017 Rewind - Eran Stern: Combining C4D and After Effects for 3D Title Creation

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  • Duration: 49:59
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In this presentation Eran Stern shows you how to take your Cinema 4D renders and get the most out of them in After Effects. Eran begins by showing how to bake Dynamic Animations for accurate previews when using Cineware. He then goes on to show how to integrate 3D elements into live footage. He follows this up with a breakdown of an entirely dynamic animation created using Xpresso. He closes out his presentation by showing how you can create a station identity package using downloaded models and clever editing.

02:06Cineware Tricks
03:18Caching MoGraph Animation
10:52Holon Promo Video
12:43Inserting 3D Objects into Live Footage
18:32Rendering a Shadow Pass
23:47Rendering Accurate Motion Blur in AE
24:29RSMB Pro Vectors
27:12Yambo ID
33:17Adding Depth of Field Effects
35:47Chromatic Abberation
39:06Horror Channel Identity
42:08Editing Multiple Cameras
43:22Flame Candle Rig
45:47Taking Advantage of Grain
47:02Shape Layer Animation