Motion Tracking: Adding Text to Footage, Part 05: Nodal Pan: 3D Logo on the Sidewalk

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In this video, we track a scene that was shot with a camera mounted on a tripod with a nodal pan track. After tracking we align the track in the viewport, add a 3D logo, light it, add shadows, and composite the entire thing in After Effects.

When footage is shot on a tripod, it does not contain the parallax that is found in footage shot with a free moving camera (as in the previous two examples). In this case, a different option to tracking is employed than the 3D track in CINEMA 4D, namely nodal pan tracking. In this shot of a motorcycle parked on the street, you’ll do a nodal pan track. You’ll also add and animate a 3D logo and create a brushed metal appearance for it. Lighting, reflections and shadows are added to the scene and final compositing is done in After Effects.