Mens Hairstyles and Mustaches with C4D: Tweak the Look of a Mustache with Hair Guides and Materials

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Tweak a mustache’s hair material and guides.

Finish up the mustache by editing the Hair Material and doing some last minute tweaking.

Eric Reed is a CG Specialist with Hive-FX, a Portland, OR-based VFX studio. Hive-FX made a name for itself creating gruesome effects for the TV series Grimm on NBC. In that process, they've mastered all sorts of ways of turning people into monsters, including the use of Cinema 4D Hair. Other clients include Nike, Razorfish, Empire Green Creative, Wieden and Kennedy, Riddell and Microsoft.



- In our previous video, we split up the hair material for our mustache and we worked on the guides. In this video, we're going to be finishing off the mustache by working with the material properties and maybe adjusting the guides a little bit more. Let's get started. Let's add some kink. Again, let's try 5% and bring the curve up to one. This mustache needs to be a little more sparse. Let's bring it down to 20. Also, the center here needs to be more dramatic. Let's grab our mustache and go to thickness. Let's also apply our map. That helped blend the edges, but we still need more room in between here. Let's paint that in. In our shading mode, let's go to concentrating lines. Now we can see, without any light getting in the way, what our map actually looks like. This time, let's choose save texture. Go back to our startup layout and let's give it a test. Okay, let's brush these guides out a little bit and let's really try and match up this corner of the mustache. Also, you see the length isn't quite right. So let's add another guide in here and let's scale this down. Let's bring it down and brush it out and then let's see if this lines up. There we have it. Now, we did this editing without adjusting this side. To fix that, let's go ahead and remove these splines and add these. With these ones selected, let's go to mirror and hit apply. Okay. We need more hair in our twirl. Where the mustache ends, let's give the clones 100, and give it a test. Let's raise our kink to 15%. That's a little too much. Let's try 10. Okay, so now we can see the tips are giving us problems with our shape. Let's reduce the kink on the root. At this point, we just need to play with the kink amount. The lower we go, obviously, the straighter it's going to be with the shape but also the individual hairs. So let's find our balance. Okay, let's settle on five. Okay, let's pull the mustache into the tips a little bit. Now we have a mustache. Let's adjust the clump again. So, it's important to understand that the settings that I'm putting in, as much of a trial as they are, and the ones that actually work, might not work for yours. It's all very dependent on the guides, on the maps. If I were to recreate this mustache, some of the settings would probably be very different. So, I encourage you to noodle around with your settings and find what looks good to you. Let's give some variation to the mustache. Let's use scale, but instead of leaving the amount at 100%, let's make it 3% and let's make these 120. Let's also remove the thickness. Let's adjust the specular. Bring the strength down to 25 and sharpness to 250. Also, let's bring the strength down to 20 for the secondary specular. That's looking much better. Let's copy the color settings. If you right-click in front of the gradient and copy, when you come to paste here on the gradient, it will change both knots. Okay, and there we have a mustache. In the next video, we're going to give this guy eyebrows. Thanks for watching.
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